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Aquarius 3
Frequently asked questions:

Question 1 Is there anything I have to be aware when I have already Aquarius V2 installed on my PC and want to install Aquarius V3?
Answer Aquarius V2 and Aquarius V3 can be installed on the same PC without any influence between them.

Question 2 I have a lot of charts in the database of my Aquarius V2 version. Can I take them over to Aquarius V3?
Answer This is possible. You need at least version V2.6 of Aquarius V2. You can export the chart data from Aquarius V2 and import them in Aquarius V3.

Question 3 I recently bought Aquarius V2. Can I upgrade to Aquarius V3 without paying the full price?
Answer Please contact us on the contactform. We are please to make you a an individual offer for the upgrade.

Question 4 When I try to print a graphic in landscape format (like a time periode graphic or two charts on one page) the printer produces a page in portrait format and a part of the graphic is missing. What can I do?
Answer Please open the printer settings dialogue and set the printer to landscape mode.

Question 5 Can I store the graphics or interpretation texts in a PDF file instead of sending it to the printer?
Answer You ca use a "virtual printer" (like Adobe PDF) to produce a PDF file instead of a printed document. For example you can install the free tool PDFCreator, which creates such a "virtual printer" called "PDFCreator". If you select this printer from the Aquarius print dialogue you will get a PDF document.


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