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Aquarius 3
is the new version of the proven Astrology software
for professional astrologers.

>>Features of Aquarius<<

Our challenge was to develp a software for professional astrologers and keep the user interface as easy and intuitive as possible.  

Swiss Ephemeris

The newest Version of Aquarius 3 integrates planet calculation with the widely used Swiss Ephemeris module. It provides high precision calculation of planets, moondata, asteroides, fixed stars and house systems for a time periode of more than 8.000 years. The Swiss Ephemeris is included in the latest full version of Aquarius 3 from 14th of February 2024 and version 3.010.000. We offer a individual upgrade option for customers who buyed the full version earlier. Contact us.



Aquarius for your Android smartphone

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The focus of this totally revised version of Aquarius was to support your work as astrologer direct on the PC as much as possible. This should help you to keep your eye on the main factors of the chart.

Use the numberous interactive functions of the software to explore the chart and get a clear picture of the meanings.

As known from the former version of Aquarius, there are three variations of Aquarius 3: The full version with and without the interpretation texts and the free Lite-version.

The Interpretation Text module of Aquarius 3 offers a extensive interpretation of your birth and solar return chart on the substantiated methods of psychological Astrology.
Additionally there are interpretation texts based on classical methods for birth and transites charts and a year prognosis.

The interpretation texts are currently only available in German language

Aquarius 3
- Lite !

Die Freeware Version von Aquarius 

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Diese Version enthält alle Hauptfunktionen und kann unbegrenzt benutzt werden


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